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Discover your dream home with a Hawaii real estate agent who understands every detail of your vision and seamlessly guides you through the process until you find paradise under the sun! With Stephanie's expertise and dedication, your search can be transformed into an unforgettable journey, culminating in the perfect oasis nestled in Hawaii's breathtaking landscapes.

About Me

The Hawaii Dream Homes Team is lead by one of Hawaii’s Top Luxury Agents, Stephanie Rae Band. Stephanie brings a level of excellence from the mainland that is a rare experience. She began her career in the Los Angeles Luxury market, where her focus, drive, and attention to detail made her a favorite among the Hollywood elite.
When you’re represented by Stephanie Band and her team, you always get a call back, you are always listened to, and your needs and goals are the top priority.

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As a member of REALM, the most exclusive global network of top luxury agents, she provides a level of professionalism, innovation, and global reach that gets your property in front of more potential buyers. Stephanie knows that above all you want results and that’s what she and her team deliver.


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Discover the charm and diversity of Big Island, Maui, and Oahu through our tailored real estate expertise.

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